“Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities” NGO was founded on March 28, 2014 by people with disabilities and their interests and rights.
The NGO operates for about 3.5 years and is active in the Lori marz for individuals with limited physical capabilities.
The NGO implemented a computer training program with the support of the Finnish Abilis Foundation, which included 10 people with disabilities in computer programs, and two of them were admitted to work.

About Social Enterprise:
Our team is a group of people who have been working for a job, but also for the whole community.
So, with the same mechanism this time the production of garments was established; Special emphasis was placed on the development of traditional Armenian values. 5 disabled people from socially vulnerable families were trained in sewing skills for 2 months. At the end of the project, it was anticipated that 2 of the participants would be employed, but 4 out of 5 participants with extraordinary preparedness and careful approach were employed.

Our products
We produce,
• Traditional Armenian dolls
• Children’s aprons
• Bedding accessories
• Pillows
• Traditional aprons for adults

Our puppets are original, decorated with traditional Armenian patterns. The main peculiarity of this is that they carry herbs, peppers, thyme in the dressing bag. Our customers can choose their pre-populated doll and enjoy the flavorless teas. Herbs are obtained from the villagers, giving them the opportunity to earn a living from everyday issues.
The ladies will be sold during the trades, as well as will be exhibited at the tourist venues at the Lori marz churches.
One of our main goals is to sell puppies in the near future, making our products popular among our compatriots and foreigners living abroad.
Sale of bedding will be done on request. Thanks to our special embroidery device, we can lay down the customer’s favorite name or image on bedding, towels and apron.

Our dream
Revenues from production and sales enable our social enterprise to work towards enlargement and other projects.
We are dreaming of establishing a complex center where different branches of activity, computer services, sewing workshops, sand therapy, psychotherapy and so on.
At the same time, the work in several directions is sure to create new jobs and create great prospects for community development.

Social Impact:

The goal of the EREOstyle social enterprise is to support the community and people with disabilities so that they have the opportunity to raise their own families and the living standards of the community.
We want to change public attitudes towards people with disabilities, break existing stereotypes, and show by example that there are no boundaries to achieve the wish.
The results of our work are tangible, and their social impact can be measured.
• Provision of specialties for persons with disabilities and socially disadvantaged persons and ensuring employment
• Promoting Inclusive Society
• Integration of persons with disabilities
• Preservation and dissemination of Armenian national culture and values
• Reduce unemployment, increase living standards;
• Increase in the number of tourists as a result of raising awareness of the region
• Provision of income to farmers through the purchase of herbs